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People who are suffering with symptoms like Migraine headache, neck pain, vertigo, dizziness, loss of balance, blurred vision, cognitive dysfunction,numbness and tingling, neck and or back pain can be helped with precise and gentle adjustments to the upper neck.  Often times those symptoms indicate a misalignment between the head and the top couple of vertebra in the neck.

That's where you come in.  The Craniocervical Foundation (CCF) provides SUBSIDIZED care to  Veterans, Active Duty Military, and people in Financial Need with symptoms related to head and neck injury.   These services which are often not covered by insurances are subsidized 70% by CCF which opens access to many people in need. 

We do not want finances to dictate care for people who are struggling with life changing symptoms.  Your donation today will help people recover their health and spend more quality time with the people in their life that they love.  

Any amount helps but just 40 dollars will cover an initial evaluation and just 20 dollars provides one office visit.  



What is this upper Cervical Care and how can it help me? 

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